Monday, 1 February 2010

some good things for NS

I've seen a few positive happenings on the NS political front in the last month or so, and I wanted to make sure to share them.

  • The Wheeler report recommends feed-in tariffs to drive renewable energy production. Feed laws were a primary plank of our Green Party platform in 2009. Often brushed off as unrealistic for NS, it is wonderful to see the idea gaining some momentum in this report. I do have to also say that I'm very concerned by the biomass recommendations in the report though. Biomass for electricity makes very little sense to me. Biomass for heat... yes. But a large scale burning of our forests would be a massive tragedy and a massive failure of public policy.

  • The NB government seems to want to actually keep ownership of its grid, rather than outsourcing their entire energy security to Quebec. Good move for them, and positive for the Maritimes in general. They are still selling basically all their generating capacity, and I question the wisdom of that, but keeping the grid is crucial.

  • The Green Party of Nova Scotia is back on the scene with a few media releases and position statements from leader John Percy on the party website. Good to see!

  • I also very much like this move by Mr. Dexter's government.  These Back to Balance consultations encourage Nova Scotians towards taking responsibility for our province and our public policy. And it seems a savvy political move to boot. Fingers crossed that the input actually has an effect on the decision making process.

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