Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Opening Remarks

Greens will be participating in the leaders debate this evening through the online forums at the Chronicle Herald and CBC Live Blog sites. Though we've been excluded from the televised debate, we'll be adding to the conversation in any way we can. I'll be on the CH site. Come join the conversation!

Opening Remarks from Green Leader Ryan Watson

Thank you to CBC and the Chronicle Herald for hosting this debate, it is my pleasure to participate ;)

What the Green Party is working to bring to this campaign is a focus on systemic issues, and new solutions that can move our province forward. From the global economic crisis to the global climate crisis, from our health care challenges to the hardships faced by our farmers, it is imperative that we understand the systemic context that frames these issues.

Band-aid solutions and political soundbites will not overcome our challenges. But right now we have the opportunity to do more, we have the opportunity to take a bigger view. Right now, in this election we have the opportunity to step forward in a new direction towards a prosperous, bright green future.

If there is one thing that we need from government, it's the ability to ask the hard questions, and get beyond 30 second answers to work with Nova Scotians on the issues that matter.

Amid hopes that the recession has reached a bottom, the price of oil has quitely crept up to close to $70 per barrel. 60% of Nova Scotians depend on heating oil to keep warm through the winter. What will we do if the price of oil shoots up during the heating season?

The combination of decreasing government revenues, an aging population, and increasing health care costs threaten the viability of our health care model. Adding a few hospital beds or keeping emergency rooms open a few extra hours will not address the root issues. How can we re-imagine our health care system to serve Nova Scotian's health needs?

These are just a few of the hard questions that we face, not just as a government but as a society.  We are at the end of a cycle and we need new ideas and new perspectives to move forward.  We need to find the new possibilities that can come out of these times of crisis, with innovation and daring.  Nova Scotia possesses a wealth of resources. We can become a model of self-sufficiency and sustainability.  We can build a more sane and productive government.  We can do more, for our environment, for our economy, and for each other.  The Green Party is dedicated to helping bring to Nova Scotia the best possible government.  As leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia I challenge the province to join me, to do more, to vote Green.

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