Tuesday, 19 May 2009

green jobs missing in action at leaders debate

The first televised leaders debate was this evening. The Green Party was excluded.

I stand by my assessment earlier today. This province needs politicians who are steering the ship, not arguing about the positioning of the deck chairs. There is a clear opportunity in front of us, and a clear danger. Without intelligent leadership and management, we will miss the opportunities, and sail straight into the dangers.

The opportunity is staring us right in the face: renewable energy is the industry that can create jobs for thousands of Nova Scotians, reduce our pollution, and bring new life into our economy. We need to seize this opportunity with both hands.

The danger is equally clear. We depend on insecure, polluting sources of energy with volatile prices. For the sake of Nova Scotian businesses and households, we urgently need to reduce this dependence.

The Green plan that will be released later this week calls for immediate action to support the renewable energy industry. The beauty of this opportunity is that it doesn't require drastic government intervention, and it doesn't come with a high price tag for taxpayers. Simple regulations will quickly shift the business climate and provide opportunities for thousands of Nova Scotians to participate in a booming renewable energy sector based on a strong business model.

We can do more for our economy, our environment, and our province. We can do more to build our prosperity. Do more, vote Green!

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