Monday, 27 April 2009

Big vision, practical policies

Imagine our province in 20 years. Renewable energy production is distributed across the province, generating wealth for rural communities and energy for our economy. Small farms have multiplied, and provide the majority of food locally. Neighbourhoods are walkable and connected with efficient electric transportation. A renewed rail infrastructure provides long distance travel options. Buses and electric vehicles share the road with cyclists and pedestrians. Our consumption of resources has been drastically reduced, but at the same time our quality of life is increasing. Stronger community ties, more leisure time, and a greater connection to our natural world provide a sense of real wealth that material consumption never could.

This is the Green vision for Nova Scotia. In the coming election we will be bringing this vision to citizens of our province. But more than that, we will be putting forward the simple, common sense policies that will begin to build the future we want.

Our unsustainable system has been built over decades and centuries, and it won't be transformed overnight. But now is the time to start. Strong policies that give clear signals about where our future prosperity lies will set our economy on the path towards sustainability and our province on the path towards a green future.

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