Friday, 24 April 2009

6 days and counting

The Legislature resumes next Thursday. By all accounts, it looks like an election will quickly follow.

For the Green Party, this is a time to reach out to Nova Scotians with a new vision of possibility for our province. Our province may be on an unsustainable path, but we have the power to chart a new course.

Nova Scotia's opportunities are immense. To take advantage of these opporunities for sustainability and reliable prosperity we don't need drastic government intervention or radical policies. There are simple, common sense steps that can shift our whole economy rapidly in positive directions.

Pay small scale producers of renewable energy a fair price. Give local farmers and food producers a boost with policies that energize the local food sector. Reduce taxes on things we want such as employment, income, and small businesses, and tax the things that we want less of such as polution and waste.

Nova Scotia aims to be a world leader in sustainability by 2020 while building our economic strength. But many other jurisdictions have similar goals, and without forward thinking policies we risk being left behind.

It's time for a breath of fresh are in Nova Scotia politics. The Green Party is searching for candidates and volunteers to spread the Green word. Please join us in this work!

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