Thursday, 2 October 2008

Build REAL Wealth

Nova Scotia is in an excellent position to thrive, even in a global recession or depression. Yet we are not moving decisively to capitalize on our natural advantages.

In this time of financial turmoil, we would be wise to focus our efforts on building our real, physical wealth. Our greatest asset will be a business community that is strongly rooted in the products and services that Nova Scotians need to survive and prosper: food, water, shelter, heat, transportation. Our service economy, tourist economy, and export economy all bring great benefit. But if our foundation is shaky, and we cannot provide for our basic needs, the whole structure is at risk.

With great resources of farmland, we can be food self-sufficient. With great potential for tidal energy, great wind resources, and significant possibilities for solar energy, we have wonderful potential to power our province with renewable energy. We have the skilled workforce and business savvy to transform these assets into real wealth, financial capital, and reliable prosperity. Let's move quickly to take advantage of our strengths!

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