Saturday, 7 June 2008

Signs of the times

If you think governments have failed to prepare [for peak oil], that our car dependency and suburban sprawl, wasteful habits and disappearing jobs are symbols of that failure, then we think as one.

This post from Garth Turner, a federal Liberal MP, signifies how greatly the political ground has shifted over the last year, and this MacLean's cover story further emphasizes the magnitude of the shift. The challenges and obstacles that we face are gaining recognition. The urgency of action cannot be overstated. We need to get real about the future, and fast. It is time for a crash course in Green Realism.

Our Green Party faces the opportunity to become a real player and a significant contributor to the political leadership of this province. It's time to claim our place and make our voice heard. The world, our country, and our province need us to step up to this challenge.

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