Monday, 2 June 2008

Rob Pierce, President

I've worked with Rob for well over a year now on Green Party efforts, and I'm very happy that he has stepped up to run for the role of President (Male) of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.
Rob Pierce picI’d been thinking about this for a month or more and then came across a quote from Lily Tomlin. Paraphrasing, I feel that somebody has to do it and I am somebody. I currently travel Atlantic Canada as a sales agent. Over the years, I have served on volunteer committees, effectively working with others for a common purpose.

Originally from Halifax, my teen years were in Toronto, returning to Halifax to operate a retail florist, left to south Florida for 17 years where I also ran retail florists, eventually working in floral to mass market in Miami. There were many opportunities to travel, mainly USA, presenting to buyers and sales associates, and setting up and working trade shows.

Upon returning to Canada, I was frequently enticed by Green Party promoters on the streets of Vancouver. Once we were into an election, it was an obvious choice for me. I showed up to the nomination meeting for Ryan Watson in the federal riding of Halifax; that was the beginning of my involvement. Since then I have participated in Citizenship engagement and managed the provincial by-election in Cole Harbor Eastern Passage, where we actually canvassed to every door and doubled our over all support.

There are many shades of green and I am learning and adapting with the various green issues. The Green Party is the party needed by Nova Scotia at this time and we have the program needed to move this province in this century.

My focus would be to develop EDA’s in each electoral district, preparing for the next election. We must also engage to raise funds and use the media to get our message to the public.

I believe that we have a lot to gain as we work together for the common purpose of forming government in this province, in order to make the changes so desperately needed. Green MLA’s might be a good first step. I am an optimist and would work to that goal. It may not happen all at once; but I believe it can be done. It will not happen if we don’t believe it. It could be fun and very rewarding if we all work together.

So I encourage each and every one of you to join me roll up our sleeves, put on our comfortable shoes and start the campaign to elect Greens in Nova Scotia.

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