Monday, 2 June 2008

Marike Finlay-de Monchy, Policy Convener

UPDATE June 13: Unfortunately Marike has made the decision to step back from this position for personal and professional reasons. I hope to work with her in some capacity in the future.

Marike has just stepped in to run for the position of Green Party of Canada Candidate in Halifax, which is the position that I've just resigned from in order to focus on provincial Green Party efforts. In addition to her role as a federal candidate, she has agreed to run for the position of Policy Convener (Female) for the GPNS. Great news!
Marike Finlay-de Monchy pic

I am offering to work as policy convenor for the GPNS first and foremost because I believe that in order to make progress in the current political environment in Nova Scotia the GPNS needs to post on its web site and canvas with flyers that articulate a coherent, well-written, and economically viable policy and platform.

I joined the Green Party of Canada after carefully reading their policy and platform. I almost did not join the GPNS because I could find no convincing policy and platform. However, I said to myself that this was a young party and required the time and effort to pull its policy together. The time has come for the party to do this now. To this purpose I am willing to devote my research and writing skills, as well as my experience drafting Vision Green in the Shadow Cabinet under the leadership of Elizabeth May, to the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

It is my hope that the policy committee of GPNS will be able to learn from other Canadian Provincial Parties, such as British Columbia and Ontario, who have managed to constitute and articulate cogent policies and platforms in the past, resulting not only in election successes but also in attracting to the party other citizens and political builders. There is much that Nova Scotia has to share with these provinces while also elaborating a policy that is made to measure to the specificities of this province and its inhabitants.

Finally, may I say that the only reason why I have waded into the political arena is that I believe deeply that the preservation of our facilitating environment is our most crucial challenge today, one that we cannot fail to meet. No other political party in Nova Scotia, aside from the GPNS, is proposing forward looking solutions to the environmental crises that face us today.

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