Saturday, 21 June 2008

Gabrielle Donnelly, Deputy Leader

I'm so happy to announce that Gabrielle Donnelly has stepped forward as my running mate, seeking the position of Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

Gabrielle has recently graduated from Dalhousie with a Masters in International Development, following a degree in Political Science and Religious Studies at the University of Alberta. She grew up in Alberta, and has lived in Halifax for two years. Gabe is a new member of the Green Party of Nova Scotia, and has great enthusiasm for the green movement that is working to build justice and sustainability at both local and international levels.
Gabrielle Donnelly picDear Members of the Green Party of Nova Scotia,

I am delighted to be putting forward my name for the position of deputy leader during the GPNS elections this month. It seems as though we are encountering a ripe opportunity to begin building a "green" momentum that speaks to issues of sustainability beyond just the environment. This movement is one that spans not only Canada but is globally mounting, something I encounter in the field of international development where the pivotal issues of social, cultural, environmental, and political sustainability intersect. The space to cultivate real, genuine engagement of these issues locally with Nova Scotians is a possibility now more than ever and I am excited to potentially be a part of the process.

Also, I am very pleased to be supporting Ryan Watson in his run for leadership. Throughout the time I have known Ryan, it has been evident just how important engaging the political sphere through a lens of holistic sustainability is for him. His commitment, resiliency, strength, and gentle yet firm approach to leadership are all qualities that will ensure a bright and lengthy future for the GPNS if he is elected.

Once again, I would like to say that I am excited about the possibilities of Nova Scotians shifting the political climate as a "green agenda" continues to ascend in the public eye. We are in a time of possibility and I hope that we can harness the opportunities here on the east coast of Canada in order to benefit our local communities and the global communities we share our most precious "commodity" with, the planet.

Gabrielle Donnelly

I'm incredibly excited to work with Gabe and the rest of the leadership team, as well as with all of our members and supporters, to bring the essential Green issues into the government of Nova Scotia.

See you at convention next weekend!

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