Friday, 18 April 2008


There is a story to be told. It is a story about courage and leadership, great effort and success. It is the story of our times.

We live in a unique moment of change. We have come to see that many of the systems that we rely on have unintended and destructive consequences for our world. The complex and intertwined realities of the climate crisis, the energy crisis, the worldwide financial crisis, the food crisis, resource depletion, war and conflict are sending us unmistakable signals about the danger of relying on these destructive systems. And there is no certain path to a better world. There are no easy answers, there never are.

But there is incredible potential! There is such a fertile ground for growth in new and powerful ways. Nothing is beyond our reach. The story of our times is the story of rising to new challenges and coming together through adversity. It is a story of success beyond anything we can imagine from our current perspective. There is no doubt that we can achieve great things. Once we commit to a new path, endless possibilities and richness will open in front of us.


The voices of leadership that will bring us through these challenges are all around us. Established and emerging leaders in business, non-profit organizations, communities and government are all working to shape our future in positive ways.

What the Green Party of Nova Scotia offers is political leadership with a vision. We recognize that the answers to our challenges will come from all quarters, and we strive for leadership that empowers and unites us in the work we must do.

The tasks facing the leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia are clear, as are the challenges. The Green Party is a political expression of the movement towards more sustainable, healthy, and prosperous ways of life. Our task is to give political voice and responsible political power to this movement.

A successful Green leader will be someone who can bring together the diverse perspectives of government and business, the causes of NGO's, and the strength of community-based organizations, and build the framework for success around the power of these leaders.

"Divide and rule, a sound motto; unite and lead, a better one"
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As leader of the Green Party, my challenge will be to express the vision of a better world in a way that deeply connects with the people of our province. My task will be to speak of the trials we will face, and spread the vision of possibility and hope that will guide us into the future.

Please help me to rise to this challenge, and support my leadership with your own strength. Working together we can make our vision a reality.

With hope for our future,

Ryan Watson

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