Thursday, 17 April 2008

To Nova Scotia Greens

Our Green Party is poised to make a crucial contribution to the politics of Nova Scotia.

There is a growing movement in our province to build more sustainable, healthy and prosperous communities, and the Green Party is ideally positioned to become the political voice and responsive political leadership for this movement.

I am seeking the position of Leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia because I am deeply inspired by the opportunities facing our province and our party. I am drawn to political leadership by my passion to engage directly with the challenges of our times. I strive to be a voice for clear vision, down-to-earth realism, and positive change.

We are no longer on the political fringe of this province, we are right in the thick of things, putting forward realistic solutions to the pressing challenges of our times. The Green Party needs a leader that can represent the Green vision in a way that connects with Nova Scotians. We need a leader who can inspire trust and confidence, and win the votes of the people. We need a leader who can go right to the heart of government in Nova Scotia and make our voice heard, even before we claim our place in the Nova Scotia Legislature.

It is time to take our party to the next level of visibility and effectiveness. I will work tirelessly to make the Green vision a reality in our province, and I ask for your support in this essential work. Please visit to keep in touch.

Sincerely yours,

Ryan Watson

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